Is there a minimum rental period?

No. You can rent your box for one day or several months. The first week’s rent is due upon delivery.

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When can the rental contract be terminated?

You can terminate the rental contract at any time with a notice period of seven days.

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How are the contents insured?

The contents of your box are insured up to a maximum value of €3,000. We can also offer higher insurance coverage at your request.

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How is the LagerBox secured?

You secure your LAGERBOX2GO with your personal padlock — you have the only copy of the key. As is appropriate for something of such importance, we additionally apply a seal to the box. If very high-value items are being stored, we also place an indicator on the box. This allows you to see clearly that your box was not opened — that the box, as well as its contents, are in perfect condition. The LAGERBOX2GO boxes are made by hand from natural wood, meaning that your belongings are stored under optimum conditions in a breathable container.

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Lagerbox 2go Berlin

Flexible storage unit with delivery and pick-up

We come to you and bring our LAGERBOX2GO with us. And as soon as you are done packing, we bring it back to our storage facility. You’re out of space because you have too much stuff in your apartment, workshop, practice, garden, storage space, or office? But you don’t want to just throw everything away or sell it? You need a storage unit that you — and only you — can access at any time?

Then LAGERBOX2GO has something to offer:
We combine the concept of rental storage units with delivery and pickup.

This saves you time, stress, and money.


Monday to Saturday

from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

later appointments by prior agreement only




12059 Berlin

 0152/ 319 329 77



  • Order your personal LAGERBOX
  • Get it delivered when you need it
  • Exact price calculation for your requirements — whether for private, company, or government use
  • Our service: delivery, pick-up, and storage
  • Can be combined with additional services: packing material + no parking zone + disposal
  • Full service — packing, disassembly, and professional loading



Storage with LAGERBOX2GO is fast and easy:
Book our service by phone, email, or via our contact form. At the agreed upon time, we deliver the mobile BOX right to your building’s door — or wherever else you need it. We take care of the logistics. Take your time loading the box and stowing your personal belongings. If desired, our employees are also available to help you load the box. When you’re finished, lock your mobile storage unit with your own padlock. This way, only you can access your belongings. Then we’ll pick up your LAGERBOX2GO at an agreed upon time. It will be stored not only securely, but also in a clean, dry environment.

If you need something from your box, you can come to our storage facility with your key at any time. Please note that this is only possible during our opening hours or by appointment.

Whenever you need the entire contents of your mobile storage unit back, we will deliver it to the location of your choosing. When you’re done unloading it, we will pick the unit up again.