Lagerbox 2go Berlin

Low rates for transport, logistics, and storage

Standard prices:

AGERBOX2GO 5 cubic meter
approx. 1-room apartment, 49.00 euro per month

LAGERBOX2GO10 cubic meter
approx. 1.5 to 2-room apartment, 98.00 euro per month

LAGERBOX2GO15 cubic meter
approx. 2 to 3-room apartment, 147.00 euro per month

LAGERBOX2GO 20 cubic meter
approx. 3 to 4-room apartment, 196.00 euro per month

The first week’s rent, as well as the transportation charge, are to be paid on delivery. We offer the following methods of payment:

Payment in cash
Advance payment
SEPA direct debit
Bank transfer

Special rates:

are available on inquiry. Special rates are based on the rental period and unit volume. Please contact us via email or phone to discuss special rates with us.

Our employees will create a personalized quote for you that is based on the rental period and unit volume. LAGERBOX2GO offers exact price calculation for your requirements — whether for private, company, or government use.